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Bob (bobj936@hotmail.com)
Date:Tue 07 Nov 2006 10:52:40 PM EST
Subject:Just found this site today
 Thank you for creating this website. Good luck! Bob
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Elmer (elp23234@hotmail.com)
Date:Tue 14 Nov 2006 11:37:41 PM EST
Subject:Reason for Church Closure?
 It is apparent that closing Assumption Church has nothing to do with the usual reason given for closing a parish--the shortage of priests. Assumption Parish has shared a priest with St. Dominic Parish for 20+ years and we still have a priest today. So what is the real reason for closing down this parish? Elmer
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gordon (gmarchan@telusplanet.net)
Date:Mon 20 Nov 2006 11:57:52 AM EST
Subject:What is the long term plan for both chruches?
 Yes! I like the idea of using a portion of the church land to be used for expansion of the Assumption school. However, I believe there will come a time when there will be a need to expand both churches or build ONE. ONE large enough to accomadate both churches, in between would be nice.
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Charles J Hebert (cheeks63@msn.com )
Date:Thu 23 Nov 2006 03:29:16 AM EST
Subject:I want to see the Assumption Church and Parish Saved
 Here are some of my reasons. When the church was first built, Father Poulin, my two oldest sons and I, with the help of an old tractor, a wagon and a disk, helped to maintain the Church and School property. My wife and I were married in this Church, our sons were all baptised, confirmed and celebrated their first Communion also in this Church. My wife and I are still fulltime active members of this Church. If any Church should close it should be St. Doms. The Assumption Church is the most central in the whole area. If anything the Assumption Church should be enlarged. YOURS TRULY Charles J Hebert
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Frank Koob (fkoob@telusplanet.net)
Date:Wed 10 Jan 2007 05:05:55 PM EST
Subject:Save Assumption Parish
 Further to Elmer's e-mail regarding the shortage of priests as a reason for closing our parish, two basic questions need to be asked: What is to be gained by closing Assumption Church? Would the closing of Assumption Parish and Church free up a priest to serve elsewhere? Consider these scenarios if Assumption Parish were closed: 1. The pastor at St. Dominic Church could add the parish duties at nearby Canadian Forces Base so that the chaplain there could be posted to another base. >> No. The military has given no indication that it wants St. Paul Diocese to move into its jurisdiction. 2. The St. Dominic pastor could take on the added responsibility of the parish at First Nations, LeGoff, and the Metis parish at Elizabeth Colony in order to release their current pastor to be assigned elsewhere in the diocese. >> Possible, but unlikely, since those parishes plus their missions are a full assignment. 3. Would the closure of Assumption Parish lighten the load of the St. Dominic pastor so that he could offer Mass every second week in Pierceland, SK, 40 km to the east? >> An inter-diocesan agreement would be required, and do they need that help? 4. Released from the Assumption Parish assignment, the St. Dominic pastor could add a Saturday or Sunday evening Mass at Fort Kent or Lac La Biche, in both cases freeing a priest to work elsewhere. >> Possible for Fort Kent; not feasible for Lac La Biche due to distance. Yet a parish priest will remain resident in the growing city of Cold Lake for quite some time in the future. So what is to be gained by closing an active, well-attended, centrally-located, very viable parish, which describes Assumption Parish in Cold Lake. Will someone please inform me? Frank and Rose Koob
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