Update 2013: Assumption Church has been saved!  See the last section on this page for the actual location where the sports field will be built.

This section uses satellite photos of the area around Assumption Church and Assumption School to demonstrate how Assumption Church can be saved by effective use of the surrounding land.  The maps were acquired from Google Maps.  The current land usage is indicated on the following map: 

In the following sections, it is explained how three different proposals can affect the expansion plans of Assumption School and the future of Assumption Church itself. 

Original Proposal

The future of Assumption Church is uncertain due to a proposal from the Lakeland Catholic School District regarding the expansion of the Assumption School and its athletic grounds.  This proposal indicated that Assumption Church was to be demolished and replaced with a running track and sports field.  This is shown on the map below. 

Is the demolition of Assumption Church the only solution available?  It turns out that there are several other possible solutions where both parties benefit.

A Compromise Solution

If a compromise solution is accepted, Assumption Church can be preserved while accommodating the expansion needs of Assumption School.  As shown by the following map, there is room to locate the running track and sports field on the land to the south of the school and church.  Instead of adding classrooms and educational space on the south side of Assumption School, there is ample room for expansion on the east side of the school.  In this compromise solution, the bus loop entrance is located on 47th Avenue, which offers the same benefits as the original proposal. 

It should not be necessary for the Diocese to sell more Church property than the size shown above.  The remaining church property is sufficient for Assumption Church to function as it always has done.

An Alternative Solution

Update 2013: This solution was accepted by the School Board.  The running track was located in land owned by the City of Cold Lake that was transferred to the school.  This land only had surplus baseball diamonds. The running track in the diagram below runs East and West in the location shown.

Another alternative solution exists.  The new athletic field can be located on land currently ownd by the City of Cold Lake instead of using only school and church land.  Based on information received by some parishioners from City Hall, city land is available at no cost to the school district, which would expand the size of Assumption School property so it can more effectively expand its athletic facilities.  One approach is to located the running track immediately to the west of Assumption School as shown by the map below.  A ball diamond is relocated from city land to the land south of Assumption Church. This leaves sufficient space for school expansion, new parking lots and a bus loop.

 The running track can also be oriented so that it is parallel to 47th Avenue.  This leaves plenty of space for parking around the ice arena. 

The compromise and alternative solutions demonstrate that it is not necessary to demolish Assumption Church to help the needs of the students at Assumption School.