Our Catholic Church was saved!

This website was created in November 2006 in response to plans to close the Roman Catholic Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.  Serving over one hundred families, this active parish is located in Cold Lake South, formerly known as Grand Centre, in North Eastern Alberta.  

In the spring of 2007, our Catholic Church was saved from closing.  It is still open with a  thriving congregation years later. Thanks to everyone who helped save Assumption Church!

The objective of this site was to collect information and comments from the large and diverse parish community to save the Assumption Parish community and to ensure that the Mass will continue to be celebrated at Assumption Church.  Many parishioners are refusing to accept plans to donate or sell the entire church land and building to a neighboring Catholic high school.  Instead, many believe that a portion of the church property could be sold to provide space for a large expansion of the school.  Although the parish is debt-free, proceeds from the sale of the land would be an asset in ongoing maintenance of Assumption Church.  More detailed information can be found in the Background section of this website.


This website will include updates on the community effort to save the parish in the News section, where people are welcome to register and post comments.  Alternatively, a moderated Feedback Forum is available for concerned individuals to anonymously post comments and information to help save the parish.  A brief History of Assumption Parish shows how the parish has remained strong and active since 1958.  A small album of Pictures show how volunteers keep the church building well-maintained.  Readers are encouraged to Contact parish and diocese administrators to ensure that their opinion is heard by the decision-makers.