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The administrator of maintains and updates the site but rarely checks email.  To contact the administrator of this site anyway, please send an email to:

Contact the Parish

 Assumption Parish
 Fr. Hamilcar Blanco, Parish Priest
 Box 8040
 Cold Lake, Alberta  T9M 1N1
 Phone: (780) 639-3245
 Fax: (780) 639-3297

Contact the Diocese

 Diocese of Saint Paul in Alberta
 Joseph Luc André Bouchard, Bishop
 4410 51ème Rue
 Saint Paul, Alberta  T0A 3A2
 Phone: (780) 645-3277
 Fax: (780) 645-6099

Contact the School Board

 Lakeland Catholic School District
 4810-46 Street
 Bonnyville, Alberta  T9N 2R2
 Phone: (780) 826-3764
 Fax: (780) 826-7576

 Trustees for Cold Lake Email Address
 Vicky Lefebvre
 Robert Gauthier
 MaryAnne Penner


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